The director of the Energy and Planning Office (EPPO) announced that they plan to encourage the manufacture of electric tuk-tuk’s to then be exported to European countries.

The director Thawarat Sutabutr said that there are at the moment seven manufacturers of LPG tuk tuk’s in Thailand.

Electric Tuk Tuks Heading For Chiang Mai

For those not familiar a tuk tuk is a motorised tricycle with a roof.

He said that the three wheel vehicles have become popular in several European countries and LPG versions are currently being exported to Denmark, Sweden and France.

As a result of their growing popularity abroad he said that the EPPO would like to hold talks with the seven manufactures to start making an electric version.

Electric Tuk Tuks Heading For Chiang Mai

He noted that one main problem facing the possibility of their construction was that the batteries needed to build them cost roughly 100,000 baht as they are imported.

To overcome this problem the EPPO will support the opening of a factory to make the needed battery’s here in Thailand thus reducing the battery’s costs.

If the new electric tuk tuk’s proves to be a success he said that they could come into force here in the kingdom as well.

He said the project makes sense as running cost for electric tuk tuk cost 0.40 baht per kilometre compared to LPG which costs 1.50 baht per kilometre.

Source : Thenation

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