Public warned about fake WhatsApp for Business app on google

Watch out for the fake version of WhatsApp for Business that has been available to download from the google play store.

Large numbers of users were duped into thinking it was the real deal of the soon to be released WhatsApp for Business app only to find that it was a fake with many using terms such as “fraud app” and “data theft.”

Multiple users took to social media to post warnings about the fraudulent app stating once it was downloaded they were a victim of a barrage of advertisements.

Now it’s not the first time a fake app has been found in the google play store what makes people more susceptible to downloading this one is that the real app is due to be released soon.

When the app is downloaded it requests authorisation for a whole lot of permissions, which people normally don’t bother reading and just click agree, then it takes over multiple functions including access to the network, vibrational control and sleep mode, among others.

The app has since been removed from the google play store but people are being advised to check carefully any apps they download and anyone who has downloaded the WhatsApp for Business fraudulent app should delete in immediately.

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Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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