How many of you have seen the movie “Robocop”, made in 1987 and starring Peter Weller?

Futuristic at the time but now it has become reality as police in Dubai have taken delivery of a robot police officer.

Its duties include patrolling shopping malls and tourist attractions. You will be able to report crimes, pay fines or receive information by interacting with Robocop.

The government want 25% of its police force to be robots by the year 2030 but say they have no intention of replacing humans.

Robocop Takes Up its Duties In Dubai

The plan is to utilise officers in places where they are needed most, so that the city is a safe place for locals and tourists. The robots will take on simplistic roles and free up time for their human associates.

At present, the robot speaks English and Arabic but it will in time, develop another four languages to bolster its skills.

Source : BBC

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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