Robotic Sea Snake Undergoes Trials

Technology is always amazing us as scientists and inventors push the boundaries to extremes almost on a daily basis.

Today we hear of a robot sea snake that will possibly be able to explore the likes of the Titanic. Humans will be able to sit in the safety of a boat as the serpent moves around the sea bed exploring the depths.

ASV Global describes the controller for its remotely operated vessel as being like “an Xbox controller on steroids”

Known as Eelume, it began life as a prototype ten years ago at a university in Norway. It has been designed to inspect and repair structures in deep waters and at present Eelume is being tested on oil rigs.

The Eelume robot sea snake that could one day explore the Titanic

The sea serpent is a flexible, tubular device, with a camera at both ends, fitted with sensors galore. It has tools that can be interchanged to suit that task it has to carry out. The eel like creature can work in tight confined spaces, where man simple could not access.

So maybe one day, armed with cameras, Eelume could deliver images from inside wrecks of the oceans such as the Titanic that sunk in 1912.


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