Robotic Sex Dolls Heading To The UK

How would you fancy paying for sex with a glamorous robot?

Well if you live in the UK, it is entirely possible that you may have the opportunity to do so, sooner, rather than later.

A brothel, that uses robots could be opening soon it is claimed by a national tabloid.

A Spanish company called LumiDolls. apparently run a robot brothel in Barcelona and are now seeking investors to open a similar shop in the UK. Their Spanish brothel opened in February and by all accounts is doing well.

Robotic Sex Dolls Heading To The UK

They charge customers 100 an hour for robotic sex, with a selection of four silicone ladies. You can even choose how you want them dressed.

The dolls are very realistic in looks and touch, with the company claiming they can fulfil even the weirdest of sexual fantasies.

Each doll is sterilised before and after use to ensure there in no chance of catching anything nasty, in the form of a sexually transmitted disease.

Robotic Sex Dolls Heading To The UK

LumiDoll say business is booming because the act of paying for sex with a doll is legal.

So the question has to be asked guys. Would you have sex with a robot?

And also, is there a market for this sort of thing in Thailand?


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