Samsung 8 Drop Test Reveal A Fragile Phone

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has been described as the most “fragile” phone ever produced.

The companies flagship phone, which was recently released, has been long awaited but it has come under fire due to its all glass design.

The mobile phone is a masterpiece boasting elegance, power and superb camera but this has not been enough to appease many of the company’s customers, typically if they have allowed it to slip out of their hands.

Apparently if the phone is dropped, it could be destroyed instantaneously because of its glass construction. Have Samsung messed up and produced a phone that is simply too fragile for everyday use?

Well according to SquareTrade, an American extended warranty service provider for consumer electronics and appliances, who tested the phone – yes.

The company carried out a six-foot drop test, which resulted in substantial damage to the S8, including loose or shattered glass. They also insisted that the S8 was the first phone to have cracked on all sides on its first drop test.

Repairs are reported to be cheap however. But how many times have you or someone close to you dropped their phone over a 12 month period?

Best buy yourself a decent cover to protect your Samsung S8.

No one intentionally drops their phones but better to be safe than sorry.

Source : Thaivisa

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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