Samsung develops battery that takes 12 minutes to fully charge

Fed up of forever waiting around for your phone to charge well according to Samsung your troubles might soon be over as they said they have developed a phone battery that fully charges in 12 minutes!

Samsung Electronics Co announced today that they have developed a type of battery technology that uses graphene to increase capacity and thus speeding up charging times by as much as five times compared to current charging times.

They said that graphene is a type of carbon that is perfectly suited to be applied to batteries as it conducts electricity 140 times faster than silicon.

Samsung say that batteries using “graphene balls” will be fully charged in 12 minutes compared with existing batteries which take up to an hour.

Following the research being made public in Nature Communications titled “Graphene balls for lithium rechargeable batteries”.

Samsung have said they are in the process of applying for patents from both South Korea and the USA to develop the batteries.

Source : Thenation

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