Samsung Releasing Smaller Cheaper Version Of The S8

Samsung is expected to release a smaller and cheaper version of its newest offering the Galaxy S8 range.

The S8 range has proven to be incredibly popular with its new infinity display and at the moment it is believed that the ‘Mini’ will look exactly the same only smaller.

Samsung Releasing Smaller Cheaper Version Of The S8

The new phone will come equipped with a 12mp camera and have iris-scanning technology making it very attractive to those who thought the S8 and the S8+ price tag was a little too much.

Of course making the devise smaller will lead to something having to give way and that looks to be the processor being slightly less powerful and the memory being halved to 32GB.

Samsung hasn’t created a ‘Mini’ version of one of its phones since the galaxy S5 way back in 2014.

Samsung has yet to confirm or deny if the mini S8 will go into production but it is expected that they will begin manufacturing later this year.

If the sales of the S8 and S8+ are anything to go by the mini will again prove very popular.

Source : Thaivisa

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