They don’t get much weirder than this, A married Japanese father-of-two is living a secret life with a full-sized sex doll

Senji Nakajima, a respectable Japanese business man, loving husband and a dotting father of two kids spends as much time with his life-sized-rubber-partner as possible.

The strange err, relationship or affair started around 6 years ago and there is no sign of it slowing down!


Senji Nakajima leads a busy life, having several businesses in and around Tokyo. Being called away on business trips is frequent and gives him the perfect opportunity to spend time with his plastic friend.

The Japanese man lives with the “Sex doll” named “Saori” in his Tokyo apartment away from his family and friends. He says she is “not just rubber”, she “enriches his life”.


To begin with, the 61-year-old claims, he used to imagine the doll as his first girlfriend, and that he used the rubber manikin solely for sex.

He insists their relationship is now about more than sex and he treats her like any other human being.


Im guessing that after spending ‘too much time’ with the love doll this Japanese bloke has gone a little nuts.

After only a few months of this bizzare setup he claims he started to find that Saori actually had an “fantastic personality”, WTF!!!


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