A little over a month ago Facebook Messenger payments were made available to residents in New York. Following successful trials, the service is now available across the US.

The payment service is not yet available worldwide, but it looks like it’s just a matter of time before users in other countries can use the payment service.

So what’s all the fuss about?
It’s all about convenience really. Facebook Messenger payment service allows you to transfer money to friends, simply and quickly. You first have to register your bank debit card information and personal details followed by creating a new security pin number and then you can make person to person payments.


It is claimed that the service is secure, some people are sceptical following many stories of Facebook accounts being hacked etc. Maybe this is why the Facebook

Messenger application was separated from Facebook, henceforth making it a more secure application.

You can also send payments in a group chat, so all involved with the conversation can see who has sent money to who and how much.

It really is quite convenient to make payments in this way. What’s next, Facebook Banking? Could that really be on the cards? The main established rival in this field would be Paypal, who offer a more complex system and are the go to payment method for secure online payments, especially for on line shopping.

What service support do Facebook offer? If you pay for an item using Messenger payments for something you have bought from a Facebook Shop and the seller doesn’t deliver, what will Facebook do to help you? Maybe it’s just for literally sending your friends money, in that way it’s kept simple.


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