Short Hail Satellites Launched

Inmarsat launched its new satellite from French Guiana with the purpose of providing in flight Wi-Fi for short haul flights across Europe.

Passengers will soon be able to connect to the internet either via the new satellite or through a network of cell towers on the ground.

Short Hail Satellites Launched

Planes will be fitted with a new antenna on top of the plane to connect to the satellite as well as another devise in the cargo hold to connect to the towers below.

Inmarsat is the UK’s biggest satellite operator and is working in partnership with Deutsche Telekom of Germany.

They hope to roll out the service towards the end of the year with passengers able to connect to the 300 4G-LTE towers which are situated along the main short haul routes across Europe.

Short Hail Satellites LaunchedShort Hail Satellites Launched

The first airlines to be fitted with the new tech will be Aer Lingus, Iberia, Vueling and British Airways.

The idea is those on the plane that wanted to connect to the internet would simply connect to a hotspot like they would in a hotel or restaurant.

Hopefully this service will be on long haul flights before too long also.

Source : BBC

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