Just how smart do we need to be? Has technology gone too far with its latest offering? Read on and find out.

You may possess a smart phone, smart watch or smart TV but how do you feel about a smart CONDOM?

No it is not April 1st – this is indeed a genuine article so please read on.

The latest offering from i.Con is indeed a smart condom. It works by measuring the number of thrusts, the speed of the thrusts, duration of your sexual encounters, frequency and the variation of positions used over a week, month or year and calculating the amount of calories burned over the time of your sexual encounter. Once you you have completed your exercise, it can send the collated data to your smart phone via bluetooth.
The official website welcomes you to the future of wearable technology!
They state that it is not an actual condom but a ring that slips over the condom, sitting at the base.
i.Con claim it is comfortable and can be used over and over again plus it is water resistant. It will work with any condom of your choice.
The gadget uses nano-chip technology and wait for it – you can compare your performance stats from others around the globe!
Now you may think this is an incredible invention and there is no doubt that it meets that criteria, and is in fact the world’s first smart condom but as an added bonus, it can even detect the presence of possible STIs.
So when your new smart condom requires charging what do you do? Well you simply plug it into the mains or USB port on your computer via the micro USB port that is supplied with the device. Common sense should prevail here however as it would be advisable to remove the device first.
The i.Con smart condom will be available soon as it is at presently going through its final stages of testing.
The smart condom will cost the purchaser £59.99 and will initially be available from britishcondoms.uk only but such is the interest in the device, it is expected to be available worldwide.
If you want further information check out the official web page by clicking here.
So would you utilize one of these gadgets and compare your performance with others? Let is know.


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