The day when we will be ruled by robot overlords could be just around the corner with the invention of a new latex doll with a mind of her own and


The inventor wanted to point out that first of all, he’s not a pervert but just wanted to introduce new technology.

Check out this crazy story

People spend $5,000-to-$10,000 for lifelike dolls, but McMullen believes the real value is making the sex doll experience as real as possible.

The normal rubber dolls that we usually see is just that… a doll human sized sure but really nothing special about it.

But now Matt McCullen has invented new era of rubber doll under the brand “RealDoll”, by putting an AI brain into the normal latex rubber doll which provides the dolls with a high level of communicate with humans.

And more than anything it can respond to your touch!

For just around 350,000 baht this smart rubber mia noi could be yours!


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