Users can now

The days of regretting sending drunken messages may now be at an end as popular messaging up Line announced a new feature that lets users delete sent messages within 24 hours of them being sent.

The new feature went live yesterday and a statement from Line Corporation was issued about the changes to the popular app which stated that the new update is an effort to enhance the functionality of their service.

Users can now "unsend" messages on popular app Line after update

To delete a sent message users need to have updated their app to the latest version then simply hold on a sent message until the option to “unsend” message appears then select it, the message will then be deleted from both the users and the recipient’s device with a notification in its place stating that a message has been deleted.

Text, voice, stickers, images and videos either read or unread can be deleted within a 24 hour period of being sent and includes both mobile and desktop versions of line and works in both individual and group chats.

Source: The Nation

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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