Volvo Driver-less Cars Struggle To Detect Kangaroos

Many car manufacturers are designing and testing driver-less vehicles, including Swedish giants Volvo.

But it seems that the self-driving cars have an problem with kangaroos.

Volvo Driver-less Cars Struggle To Detect Kangaroos

Sweden’s top car producer’s Large Animal Detection System, apparently works well with the likes of a deer but cannot fathom out what to do when it is faced with a kangaroo.

So far their models S90 and XC90 have suffered from this issue.

A technical manager said it was to do with the way the animal moves. When in the air, it appears further away than what it is but on the ground it seems to be closer, which confuses the detection system.

Over 2000 collisions per annum are reported by drivers in Australia, so it is a major problem down under. In fact, 80% of animal collisions are believed to involve the roos.

The nation’s insurance companies would love to find a solution to the problem, as it would save them a fortune in payouts.

Would you purchase a self-driving car or would you prefer to keep control of the vehicle yourself?

Source : BBC

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