Warning For Snapchat Users

Users of Snapchat and in particular the parents of those who use the app, should be aware that the app now comes with a built in GPS option, that tells people where you are.

This is enabled by default and can tell users exactly where you or your child is. So basically if you post something, the viewer can see where you were at the time the photo was taken, which of course could be your home, place of work or school.

Warning For Snapchat Users

It can be disabled however. To do this follow these instructions:

Pinch the screen when the app is open, which will load the map.

At this point it should ask do you want to activate “Ghost Mode”. If it doesn’t click on the icon at the top right corner.

There is a box which needs to be ticked to activate Ghost Mode.

Once activated, your location is no longer available to Snapchat users.

Source : Facebook

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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