The latest update for Microsoft’s Windows 10 has been released. Known as Windows Creators, the company has began rolling out the update across the globe

Windows 10 has been heavily criticised since its inauguration, so Windows fans will have high expectations for the latest offering.

MS state that they have given more control to the users, including which updates can be installed and when.

The upgrade is a free offering and users should see alerts appearing on their computers soon.

So what can you expect to see and will you even use the new features?

Paint is now a 3D:

Excited yet? How many of us actually use Paint? Most of us wasted countless hours messing with it back in the early days of Windows but these days, we probably use Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro for our artistic requirements. 3D or not, it is unlikely that a new version of Paint will set the heather on fire.

Instantly stream games using the X-Box app:

Microsoft is also trying to bridge the gap between Xbox and Windows, and have integrated streaming into the Xbox app. This is possible following the purchase something called Beam. During gameplay, hit the Windows key + G and a floating “game bar” will appear. There you can initiate a stream and also switch into the new Game Mode.

Night light to assist with sleep patterns:

Mac OS has had this for some time. Does it assist with sleep? Who knows?

An upgrade to Edge:

Edge is being described as a faster browser with better tab management. However, most people rely on Chrome or Firefox these days for their internet browsing. Will this update see an switch back to inbuilt web browsers? Time will tell.

More control over privacy:

The company received dog’s abuse over its lack of transparency with regards to the data it collects from users. This has been addressed in the latest update.

You can find out more by googling Windows 10 Creators Update and read for yourself.

Let us know your experiences following the updates. Good or bad.


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