Man lost in Thai forest for four days encountered

It has been reported that a 49-year-old man who went missing in the Khao Ban Rong Tungkhao forest since Saturday night returned from the forest safely in the early hours of yesterday morning (January 24.)

Term Tharoon made it back to his home a little after 3am yesterday after being lost in the forest for four days in the Phitsanulok Province.

Upon arriving home Term was taken to the Buddhachinaraj Hospital where doctors said he was suffering from exhaustion and several wounds from his time in the forest.

 Man lost in Thai forest for four days encountered "light balls"

Speaking of his ordeal Term said he had gone into the forest to hunt for rats but was scared when he was surrounded by three or four “light balls” at around 10:30pm on Saturday night.

He said he left his backpack and rifle and fled in fear but after running through the forest for about six kilometres he passed out.

 Man lost in Thai forest for four days encountered "light balls"

When he awoke he tried to find his way home but became lost and kept circling back to the same spot.

He said he managed to survive for four days drinking water from a stream.

Term said he could hear people calling his name whilst in the forest, a search party did enter the woods to try and find him but they were unable to.

Term said that the “light balls” came back to him on Tuesday night and led him back out of the forest.

Source : The Nation

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