Pattaya officials increasing checks on Jomtien Beach Masseuses

Pattaya officials have said they plan to start increasing checks on Jomtien Beach masseuses after receiving reports that foreigners are moonlighting as qualified masseuses.

Sretapol Boonsawat, Pattaya’s legal chief and advisor to the Jomtien Massage Club stated that migrant workers for nearby countries were discovered buying the official uniforms and working on both Jomtien and Dongtan Beaches even though they have received no formal training.

He said local authorities will now carry out increased inspections to make sure all masseuses working on the beaches are in possession of both certificates of registration and qualification.

Pattaya officials increasing checks on Jomtien Beach Masseuses

It’s not only the masseuses that will be being checked up on beach vendors will be randomly screened for drug use and their customers surveyed to make sure that vendors are not overcharging.

At present there are 185 registered masseuses on Dongtan Beach wearing blue uniforms and 180 registered masseuses on Jomtien Beach wearing Pink uniforms.

Source : Pattaya Mail

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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