It is estimated that the oldest sex toy is around 30,000 years old and used to double as an instrument prehistoric man used to create fires, well we have come a long way since then with sex aids coming in all sorts of shapes and size and well now it seems 2018 is the year that virtual reality is coming into play.

A video is being widely shared on social media showing the length some manufactures will go to in search of helping their customers relieve some “stress.”

The video which is believed to have originated in China (there an inventive bunch) shows what looks like some sort of male milking apparatus with interchangeable grip sizes for a males appendage and a VR headset which makes the user believe they are having intercourse.

The video explains that the user can custom make the experience selecting different speeds and pressures applied.

Though no price or release date is unveiled in the video this new apparatus could prove very popular for people who like their relationships on the robotic side of things.

With the opening of the world first robot sex brothel in Barcelona, Spain last year a venue who’s staff comprise solely of robotic sex workers it shows an increasing trend over the past few years of people opting for less conventional forms of romance and love making.

What do you think is this new virtual reality experience a step too far or just a natural progression of technology.

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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