Beach goers in Phuket were left startled at an unusual sight, a three-metre-long croc was spotted swimming just off of the shore in Laguna.

Expat mike and his wife were out for a morning stroll along Bang Tao beach on Friday morning (August 25) when around 8am an Australian man who was out walking his dogs pointed out the large croc swimming just off of the break.

From the description mike assumed it was a large log drifting in the current but to his amazement he soon discovered that it was actually a large croc swimming against the current.

The Australian man said he would follow the croc while mike went to get his son who had a drone to capture pictures of the large beast.

3-metre-long crocodile spotted off Laguna in Phuket

Mike returned 20 minutes later to find a small crowd had gathered to watch the croc, which was slowly making its way south.

They launched the drone but each time it got close to the croc it dove under the water for long periods of time but the footage is clear enough to see it is one very big crocodile.

One theory as to why the croc was in the area is that it was washed in from the Andaman Sea during recent storms.

People in the vicinity are being advised not to go swimming in the area and if they spot the crocodile to alert wildlife rescue teams immediately.

Source : Phuketgazette

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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