The monkey that has become famous for his fat belly (Uncle fatty) will soon be released back in to the wild after a 3 month stay in the governments treatment facility, where they watched his calorie intake

Lounging around the beach at Bang Khun Thian he managed to get up to 27kg’s. He’s only lost just over 2kg’s but he is a lot better shape health wise. His binging caused Wildlife Officials a lot of concern so they took action and put Uncle fatty in their rehabilitation centre.

One of the veterinarian’s at the WildLife Conservation Office said that his belly no longer drags around on the ground which is a good start. He hopes it stays that way. His health has improved a lot and he has grown accustomed to natural foods which should hold him in good stead for the future.

VIDEO : 3 months in fat camp & Chubby Monkey goes Home

Under the watchful eye of the staff at the wildlife conservation office, he was placed on a strict diet of fruits and vegetables. Considering that he was used to eating junk foods like jellies, sweet watermelons and even soft drinks, this diet was a massive change for this monkey.

He was transported to a local facility in Bang Khun Thian today to get accustomed to the natural habitat and is expected to join his family within a week.

VIDEO : 3 months in fat camp & Chubby Monkey goes Home

He is not out of the woods yet, as most Macaque weigh around 8-10 kg’s. The Wildlife staff will talk about how to stop tourists from feeding the monkeys as there is plenty of food for them in the districts mangrove.

Feeding the monkeys is not recommended at all. They are supposed to eat things like crabs and clams that can be found in the mangrove.

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