A massive storm caused extensive damage to aircraft and properties after hailstones as big as golf balls pummelled anything in its path as it travelled over Istanbul

13 flights were lucky enough to be diverted out of the way of the storm, however four other flights had to tough it out much to the dismay of some frightened passengers.

VIDEO : Aircraft take a battering after massive storm rips through Turkey

Passengers on Turkish Airlines flight TK 969 feared their plane was going to make water landing according to forty-year-old passenger SakirBahadir who said “there was full of water on the floor.”

Bahadir’s plane finished up with cracked cockpit windows a fair bit of damage to the plane’s nose.

Pegasus Airlines flight PC909 was another victim of the storm also suffering a damaged nose and badly dented wings.

The winner for the most severe damage however was Atals Global kk1010, the plane’s nose was completely caved in by the massive hailstones and the cockpit windows heavily damaged making land a little difficult.

The massive summer storm caused widespread damage throughout Istanbul as members of the public sheltered wherever they could during the 20 minute onslaught.

Heavy rains also followed the storm which resulted in flooding on the streets of Istanbul for the second time in 10 days.

Source : Sputniknews

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