Soon to feature on hit American TV show 90 Day Fiancé one couple aim to prove age is nothing but a number.

David, 48, from Louisville, Kentucky in the USA, said he was at rock bottom having split from a 21 year relationship and weighed 350 lbs (25 stone) three years ago, all culminating in David suffering a stroke.

VIDEO : American man, 48, proposes to Thai woman, 24, after 10 day relationship

After recovering David said he hit the “reset” button on his life and became healthier losing a significant amount of weight in the process and decided to take a holiday to Thailand.

It was in Thailand David said he met the “true love” of his life Annie, 24, in a karaoke bar.

After knowing each other for just 10 days David popped the question and Annie not surprisingly said yes.

VIDEO : American man, 48, proposes to Thai woman, 24, after 10 day relationship

However before the wedding David has the tricky task of convincing his sceptical family, including three children and five grandkids that their love is genuine, oh and of course pay a dowry to the bride’s parents.

The pair are currently in the process of trying to get Annie a Visa to the United States.

Annie said she comes from a poor village and in a video clip said “I feel very comfortable with him, I mean, yeah, he’s good I think… make me happy.”

The new season of 90 Day Fiancé begins on Sunday in the US where I guess we will have to wait and see how this whirlwind romance progresses.    

Source : People

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