It seems to have been a bad couple of months for cats in Thailand just a couple of weeks after Love Pattaya Thailand reported on the case of a woman’s home being entered by a python.

Who decided to munch on six of her furry companions it seems another python decided to do the same.

A hungry python measuring five metres in length made its way inside of a home in northern metropolitan Bangkok and decided to eat the resident’s unfortunate cat whole on Wednesday.

Yet another poor moggie swallowed by a Python in Thailand

Saowarak Charoen, 59, said that the python that obviously had a hankering for cat slipped into her house in Pathum Thani undetected and ate her cat named Bobo then coiled itself up under the kitchen sink for a nap and to digest its meal.

Saowarak said she realised one of her three cats was missing and was walking around the house looking for it when she spotted the snake under the sink with an ominously swollen stomach.

Yet another poor moggie swallowed by a Python in Thailand

Wasting no time she called the Kuh Bang Luang police and wildlife officers, who quickly responded to the woman call.

A video was posted online of the officers moving the snake to an outside patio before persuading it to regurgitate the unfortunate Bobo, which once the body was recovered was buried.

Yet another poor moggie swallowed by a Python in Thailand

The wildlife authorities took the large serpent away to be released back into the wild hopefully far away from Saowarak’s remaining two feline companions.

It’s not only cats that pythons in the Bangkok area have recently gone after several months ago a woman was doing her private business in the downstairs bathroom of her house when a snake slithered up and bit her on the behind.

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