A 55 year old Australian mad fled from the police after what was described as a minor traffic accident and in doing so he accidentally hit and killed a 50 year old woman on her motorbike in downtown Udon Thani.

The woman’s son and another boy who were on their way back from school were also seriously injured in the incident and are now being treated in hospital.

Australian man who was fleeing from Police Kills 50 year old woman in Udon.

Police officers found Joel Mackerry in tears behind in his damaged Isuzu 4×4. Joel had hit Pranee Kusuman the 50 year old woman from Udon in a head on collision, her motorcycle was found underneath the front of the damaged truck.

The body of Pranee was found 20 meters away from the scene of the accident having suffered from multiple fractures including a broken neck and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Pranee’s 11 year old son Thannarak was found nearby the scene of the accident having been knocked into a fence in a serious condition, and 15 year old Wacharaphon Naonothong at student at the same school was also badly injured both boys requiring emergency medical treatment before being taken to the downtown hospital.

Australian man who was fleeing from Police Kills 50 year old woman in Udon.

The accident which happened at 4:15pm at the turning to Jao Poo-Yaa caused serious traffic problems.

Prior to the fatal accident the Australian man sideswiped a car and hit a taxi but the damage was minor, he failed to stop and a security guard alerted the police who then pursued.

The victim’s Husband Khambai said that his wife had just collected their son and a relative from school and they were on their way to meet him so they could all travel home together.

It has not yet been reported what charges have been made or what has happened to the 55 year old from Australia.

Source : Thaivisa

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