A regular holiday maker in Thailand, who hails from Australia, has been taken into custody at Suvarnabhumi Airport, following an incident, where he stole a bag belonging to a Thai woman.

John Robertson, 54, spotted the bag outside the ladies toilets, which was unattended and took the opportunity to take it into the disabled toilet as he passed by.

Australian Opportunist Thief Arrested At Suvarnabhumi

CCTV showed him taking the bag into the disabled loo. When he reappeared he is seen visiting a money exchange booth, where he handed over cash to be converted into another currency.

However, the victim had reported the bag stolen to the airport’s security, who acted swiftly to locate the culprit and her belongings. The woman, from Chiang Rai, was awaiting her flight to Dubai, when she went to use the facilities. She left the bag in the corridor outside the toilets but when she returned it was gone.

Australian Opportunist Thief Arrested At Suvarnabhumi

When Mr Robertson was arrested, police discovered he was a frequent visitor to Thailand often staying in Bangkok or Hua Hin. He had been travelling back and forth for some twelve years.

Robertson admitting taking the bag but insisted he had taken nothing from it, a story, which the woman confirmed. However the Australian will be charge with theft of the luggage.

The airport security advised that travellers keep their bags with them at all times and never leave them unattended.

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