Baldies mashed their baby-powdered heads together on Monday at a festival celebrating traditional Thai games.

Crowds cheered on the hairless warriors as men of all ages wrestled; only allowed to use their powdered domes in an effort to force one another out of bounds in the bizarre traditional game.

The festival was held in Wat Chotitaikaram in Ratchaburi and commemorated Rama V’s visit to the area in 1904.

VIDEO : Bald men go to war- well wrestle each other with their bald heads

District chief PrayongJanteng refereed the matches and also had the honour of powdering up each of the contestant’s barren brows before eventually crowning the winner AnthapolSupcharoen, with the title “Mr. Baldy” and a 3000 baht cash prize.

Other games at the festival included a variation of duck, duck, goose (hualaan chon gan) and a game where children ride around on banana stalk horses (maa gab gluay).

The festival is held annually and bald foreigners are welcome to participate, so mark the date in the calendar for next time if you fancy battling it out to be crowned Mr Baldy.

Source : Khaosodenglish

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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