VIDEO : Boss in Soi Cowboy

Bangkok police fined a woman who runs a house that accommodates “coyote” dancers after a video went viral online of one of the dancer being slapped repeatedly.

The video that showed the head of the household dealing out an unusually humiliating punishment to one of the girls was widely commented on by internet citizens.

The woman in charge of the house Phanwarot Khubkhum, 34, said that the girl in the video has run off with a tomboy and had been taking drugs before her eventual return to the house.

When she returned Phanwarot made her sit on a chair and had each of the other residents slap her as punishment.

Boss in Soi Cowboy "coyote" slapping video fined by police

After the video went viral Ban Khun Non police got involved and tested all ten women staying at the house for drug use, none of the women tested positive.

Boss in Soi Cowboy "coyote" slapping video fined by police

Phanwarot was fined 500 baht by officers over the incident which they said was more humiliation than assault.

Many comments online did not condone the woman’s actions while a lot of comments were also made about the room some of the girls were staying in with some saying it could do with a lick of paint.

Source : Thairath

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