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Now thats what you call a Pattaya selfie, do you have the balls to do it? Count me out!.... 555 Read full story here:

Posted by Love Pattaya Thailand on Tuesday, 6 March 2018

A video being shared online shows the extreme lengths some people are willing to go to in search of the perfect holiday selfie.

Footage of two currently unidentified foreigners, believed to be Russians was uploaded yesterday to social media showing the pair atop a crane here in Pattaya with an admittedly amazing view of the city and bay in the background and accompanied by the caption “highest crane in Pattaya.”

The couple armed with little more than a backpack and a selfie-stick are filmed hanging on to the crane with the panoramic view of Pattaya in the background.

Video: Brave or Stupid? Foreign couple takes selfie from top of crane in Pattaya

Many commented online reprimanding the couples actions labeling them as “crazy” or “stupid” stating that such actions could easily lead to someone losing their life and that they were setting a bad example, some commented that they were “fearless” for climbing so high.

Video: Brave or Stupid? Foreign couple takes selfie from top of crane in Pattaya

From the clip it’s not clear when exactly the unidentified couple took the video, however with all the attention it’s getting online it’s safe to say police here in Pattaya will soon become aware of their actions were at very least they could be looking at a charge of trespassing.

Speaking of amazing photos of Pattaya have you taken any good ones lately? We would love to see them, why not post them in the comments section below.

Source: Youtube

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