VIDEO : The Brave Thai Cop Catches Python Bare Handed

Phitsanuloke police captain is the talk of the town!

Gone viral are his video and photos, where he is seen catching an enormous snake with his bare hands.

As reported just before the video was shot, Dech Srisawat, a local Thai ran to inform the nearest police station- Nakhorn Chum police station, about this wild snake that has been eating his chickens just behind his house.

Pol Capt Min Pansee along with another officer when reached the location found a three meter long python weighing 20 kilograms. All cameras rolled to record the live actions of the Thai, who bravely held the head of the python and got it removed from the area.

Captain Min is popular both amongst his superiors and the locals for his brave and trustworthy nature and is in charge of two sub-districts.

Not hungry for fame, Captain Min, with all modesty said that the snake after having several chickens could not move thus making it easier for him to catch it.

Source : Sanook

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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