Bridge collapses

Clip: A bridge collapses after being hit by a barge. Read more: #Thailand

Posted by Thai PBS World on Thursday, 21 December 2017

A multi-lane concrete bridge crossing the Nakhon Chai Si River collapsed this morning after a large tugboat crashed into its foundations.

CCTV in the area captured the moment the boat collided with the bridge and the subsequent carnage which followed when a chuck of bridge roughly 100 meters in length came crashing down onto the boat and into the river.

According to a statement from officials at the Marine Department the tugboat “V. Choke-udomsap” was pulling three barges fully loaded with soybeans on route to Nakhon Pathom when the boats engine cut out and the rudder became unresponsive resulting in the boat veering of course and colliding with the bridge.

VIDEO :  Bridge in Thailand comes crashing down after tugboat collision

It was reported that miraculously no one was hurt in the incident and there were no vehicles on the bridge when it collapsed, however one of the barges was heavily damaged by the falling section of bridge.

Police have taken the tugboats captain in for questioning and have set up diversions as the bridge is now unusable.

Source : ThaiPBS

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