A British man who claimed last week he had his leg broken while subject to a violent mugging at gunpoint in Phuket on November 2 has since fled Thailand with his wife on a flight bound for Dubai yesterday.

Before police in Phuket could present him with CCTV footage that showed his account of how he was injured was not quite how he described.

Officers intended to question the 50-year-old Army veteran after claiming he was mugged yet CCTV footage actually showed the man sustaining his injuries after jumping from a hotel balcony in Patong.

Brit tourist’s plea for aid after "violent attack" exposed as fake

Having suffered multiple fractures to his leg Michael Laverty and his wife Denise from Newton Aycliffe in England started a fundraising page to help pay for the cost of medical bills.

On the fundraising page it was alleged that Mr Laverty was the victim of a vicious assault and mugging where he sustained multiple injuries mere hours after arriving in Phuket to celebrate his 50th birthday.

Brit tourist’s plea for aid after "violent attack" exposed as fake

Captain Eakkachai Siri of the Phuket tourist police said that CCTV footage clearly showed Mr Laverty jumping from a first floor balcony falling six to seven meters at just gone midnight on November 3.

It was then reported that staff heard screaming who rain to aid Mr Laverty, medical personnel were called and he was taken to Patong Hospital before being transferred to Bangkok Hospital.

Brit tourist’s plea for aid after "violent attack" exposed as fake

Captain Eakkachai said once footage was discovered he went to question the couple over their story but discovered that Mr Laverty had checked himself out of the hospital, the captain noted that he believed the bill for treatment had been paid.

Immigration officers have been informed of the incident however it is not clear if the couple have been added to the kingdoms blacklist.

The captain also made it clear officers were unable to pursue any further legal action as no official written complaint was ever made with the police.

Source: Thephuketnews

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