Police marched six naked tourists back on to the beach after they were caught naked in the sea.

The embarrassed group, which included five women and one man, were grassed up by a local who did not appreciate the fact they had stripped off.

They had been happily wading in shallow waters for ten minutes in Krabi, southern Thailand, on Monday, before they were interrupted by officers.

Several policemen told the swimmers from Britain, Australia, Spain, and Japan, to go back to Ao Nang beach and put their clothes on.

Footage shows the women walking back hunched over while covering their breasts in the early hours.

The man is seen with a dark towel around his waist.

The unnamed tourists – all aged between 17 and 20 – were told to dress up before being taken to the police station, where they were charged with public indecency and fined 500 Baht (£13).

VIDEO: Brits Forced To Do Walk Of Shame After Thai Police Catch Them Skinny Dipping
VIDEO: Brits Forced To Do Walk Of Shame After Thai Police Catch Them Skinny Dipping

It was later revealed there were two more people in their group who were smart enough to stay in their hostel.

The skinny dippers tried to excuse their behaviour by saying they had nothing to do because the bars had closed early to mark the national Buddhist Lent celebrations.

A police spokesperson said: ‘The group of foreign tourists willingly admitted their inappropriate behaviour, saying that they were drunk and had nothing to do after all the bars were closed.’

He added: ‘Each of the tourists were fined for 500 Baht (£13) and they apologised.

‘We ensured that they would not repeat such behaviour again in the future.’


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