A public bus driver has had his licence suspended for 30 days and been hit with a 5,000 baht fine.

After a picture was uploaded to social media showing the driver on his mobile while driving a coach full of passengers.

The transport company that owned the bus was also fine 10,000 baht for the driver’s actions.

The image was uploaded to social media by one of the passengers on the bus and drew harsh criticism from internet citizens prompting the Khon Kaen transport office to summon both the driver and the owner of the transport company to a meeting.

VIDEO : Bus Driver Suspended After Picture Of Him On His Mobile Goes Viral

The driver admitted that he was on his phone while driving and promised he would never do it again, the transport office fined him 5,000 baht and took his licence away for 30 days.

The owner of the company said that they employed roughly 70 drivers and they always stressed the importance of passenger safety, they were issued a fine of 10,000 baht for their driver’s actions.

Source : ThaiPBS

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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