VIDEO : Cat lovers look away as python has six cats for breakfast

A Thai cat lover awoke to what surely must have been one of her worst nightmares as she discovered that six of her furry pets had been devoured by a large python.

She discovered the large serpent munching down on her pets at 5am discovering that two other felines had been injured by the hungry snake.

Omsin Lalla grabbed a large knife and attacked the snake to prevent it from attacking any of her other pets.

The distraught owner called rescue workers to come catch the snake and once they arrived she took pictures of the destruction the snake had caused to her feline companions, posting the photos on Facebook.

VIDEO : Cat lovers look away as python has six cats for breakfast

She said that she believed that the large snake got into her well-sealed home through a pip that lead to a nearby klong (canal.)

Omsin received some harsh comments online for attacking the cat munching snake but she defended her actions saying had she not more of her pets would have been killed by the snake.

Rescue workers captured and removed the snake.

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