A Chinese tourist lost her life on Thursday (July 27) after waves swept her off rocks and into the sea while posing for a photo in Kamala, Phuket

Pan Ying, 31, was on holiday with 15 friends who were staying in a luxury villa nearby the scenic viewpoint where the accident happened.

Friends of the deceased who were with her when the accident happened told Lt. Col. YossaphatSawannasitthe events leading up to Pan Ying losing her life.

Five of the group had gone to take pictures on the rocks after breakfast, Ying’s husband was taking a photo when a large wave swept Ying from the rocks into the sea.

They attempted to help the woman but realising they couldn’t called for help.

VIDEO : Chinese tourist dies while taking photo at scenic spot in Phuket

Lifeguards from Kamala beach came to help but the beach was several kilometres away and by the time they got there it was too late.

Col.Yossaphat said that when Ying’s body was returned to shore at Kamala beach it had many bad scratches, her body was then taken to Patong Hospital.

The Chinese tourists were all due to return home Friday (July 28)

Source : Coconuts

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