Is it possible that marijuana could cure certain cancers and the world of medicine is ignoring the claims being made from many “weed” enthusiasts around the world?

One former cancer patient is adamant that cannabis is the reason he is still alive today, thanks to the healing qualities of the hemp plant.

In the north of Thailand, woman weave fibre, another product made from hemp, providing an income to the local villagers.

All of this and more are revealed in “Highland”, which is an annual event, where cannabis growers gather together to promote their products as they attempt to have the weed decriminalised.


This years event was held on the top of the Fortune Town shopping centre, in Bangkok, giving even greater coverage for their cause. The activists firmly believe that the plant has many health benefits and can provide jobs and income to people, who grow hemp or make use of it in a variety of ways.


During the event, workshops were set up to show how to make bamboo bongs, or weave hemp fabric and dye textiles. There were stalls selling smoking equipment and growing information was freely available.

David, a vendor from the US, sold “grow buckets” with lighting devices. He claims they can grow cannabis in places where you do not wish people to know what you are growing.

Despite the illicit nature of the products, the smell of cannabis wafted in the air as people freely enjoyed a marijuana cigarette.


It does appear that acceptance of the weed is becoming more popular around the world, with many nations permitting people to grow cannabis for health reasons. If there is benefits to be had to those suffering from long term medical issues, then surely legalisation is common sense?

Those who attended the Highland event, reckon it is only a matter of time before the authorities relax the laws of growing and using for medical purposes at least.

One man said, he has no interest in cannabis but thinks it would be a good idea to legalise it, so that it could be taxed.

The future looks bright for those who back the legalising of the drug.

Source: Khaosodenglish

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