Angry residents in South Pattaya have turned to the media after large sheets of corrugated iron have been coming loose and landing in a small soi.

A Thai demolition firm are currently being paid 2.9 million baht to demolish the former Boutique paradise Hotel.

VIDEO : Cowboy Demo Team Knocking Down Building In Pattaya

Residents had already voiced complaints that large amounts of dust were being produced by the work which the company had done nothing to prevent.

This week however things turned a bit more dangerous than some stray dust clouds when large sheets of corrugated iron began to fall to the street.

Thankfully someone was on hand to point out the large chunk of metal as can be seen in the picture and the man was quoted as saying “one night it all came down.”

VIDEO : Cowboy Demo Team Knocking Down Building In Pattaya

Video footage shows the protective sheeting waving back and forward in the wind and locals are fearful that more of it is going to come loose and land in the soi potentially injuring someone.

Let’s hope things are done to make the ‘safety barriers’ safer to prevent more sheets from coming loose.

Source : Siamchonnews

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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