For those looking to accentuate their smiles with more pronounced dimples theirs two options, you can go to a licensed clinic which could cost 8,000 baht or more per cheek or go to an underground clinic and get both cheeks done for 900 baht.

Until police raided an illegal clinic on Friday one of the most well know underground piercing studios could be found amongst food stalls at the weekend market in Chatuchak Park.

Authorities shut down the studio that had been operating from Thursday to Sunday after being in business for the past two years.

VIDEO : New dimple piercing trend might leave you not smiling, doctors warn

The process called “dimpleplasty” is out of the price range for many and as a result they turn to illegal businesses and run the risk of infections or even facial paralysis.

The director of a government health licensing agency Arkom Praditsuwan said that the process should only be carried out by licensed health institutions and those who have it done elsewhere run the risk of detrimental effects to blood circulation and nerve and skin damage.

The procedure involves punching a whole through a major cheek muscle and inserting jewellery, if done correctly the surgery leaves no scars.

VIDEO : New dimple piercing trend might leave you not smiling, doctors warn

Police shut down the Jack Dorson piercing studio at JJ Green and its owner Tanatuch “Jack” Kanmaha is now looking at charges of running an unlicensed medical clinic and practicing medicine without permission.

Hundreds of photos and videos were found on the studios Facebook page which had over 150,000 followers.

The procedure falls under the 1982 Medicine Profession Act that requires those carrying out the procedure to have been granted a licence from the Medical council.

If you’re considering having the surgery performed perhaps its best to look online at some of the videos before booking your seat in the chair.

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