A pack of stray dogs pounced on and killed a drunk man as he walked home in Sovetsky in central Russia.

The attack was captured in full on CCTV.

The man, a security guard, was known to feed the animals every day as he walked past and had been doing so for two years.

However, as he tried to walk through the dogs on this occasion, he fell and the dogs attacked. He gets up a few times but the dogs are relentless and show him no mercy.

The unnamed man died at the scene.

His remains were discovered the following, partly eaten by the strays.

It is unclear if the dogs will be destroyed but rest assured, now they have the taste for blood, it is only a matter of time before they kill again.

Could this happen in Pattaya?

Tell us your thoughts.

Source : Metro

Content : LovePattayaThailand


  1. to many dogs are stray never wanted so why are they allowed to be that way it is not good for any one to have starving dogs stray any where you have to think of young children playing and 80% of the time no one to supervise the children & if a pack of dogs attack then what ?. why do thai’s have so many dogs any way thai’s complain they not have money to live so why have so many extra mouths to feed ,? it is not a sane idea ,


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