VIDEO : Drunk foreign woman threatening staff in Phuket after dine and dash

It’s a New Year and another new story of Foreigners behaving badly has gone viral after a video was uploaded to social media on January 2.

The footage showing an unidentified allegedly drunk foreign woman threatening security personnel after attempting to skip out on a 3,200 baht restaurant bill in Phuket.

The footage was uploaded to a Phuket Facebook page and shows a group of foreign tourists, though it is not clear where from allegedly attempting to leave from a Japanese chain restaurant called Fuji in the Jungceylon shopping mall without paying the bill, 3,200 baht ($99.)

In the footage when confronted the foreign woman accompanied by two men starts threatening security staff.

Things all get a bit heated while one of the accompanying men can be heard attempting to haggle with staff over the bill attempting to settle the amount for 1,000 baht to which the restaurant employee responds “cannot.”

VIDEO : Drunk foreign woman threatening staff in Phuket after dine and dash

The allegedly drunk woman then decides she would rather solve the problem with her fists and gestures at the elderly female guard saying “if you want this, yes, boom!” and implies she will punch her.

Her male companions attempt to calm her down while another more senior security guard in a suit arrives which only sets the woman off again leading her to say “no, no, no if I want it, I will push her.”

The woman then shows the new security guard her forearms asking him “is this ok?” as if she had been previously injured.

With additional security on route the woman’s behaviour then changes and she embraces one of her companions in a civilised manor before leaving as if nothing has happened and it was the end of a pleasant day out.

There was no report as to the foreigner’s countries of origin or if any charges were issued but now that the video has gone viral and been met with outrage it would not be surprising if police began to investigate the matter.

It was reported that one of the men in the footage agreed to pay 3,000 of the 3,200 baht bill before they left.

The video has been met with outrage by Thai internet citizens with many questioning why tourists were behaving in such a manner.

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