A drunk Thai man didn’t get what he was hoping for when he entered an enclosure at a Phetchabun temple, expecting to find a wild boar but was instead met by a bear

Who didn’t take a liking to the man and gave him a 15 minute mauling. The attack was caught on video, locals screamed while people attempted to aid the man from outside the enclosure daring not to enter.

After being prodded with a stick the bear “Jao Kaew” dragged Fon Phromlat, 38, deeper into his enclosure where he was eventually rescued by the bear’s keeper and was taken to a local hospital where he is now recovering.

VIDEO : Drunk Thai man escapes with his life after being mauled by a bear

The attack happened at an enclosure run by a monk called “Luang Poo Lamai Herb Garden” and the same enclosure which spans one rai also houses 100 wild boars and another giant female bear.

The temple had advertised that they were giving wild boar away for free and Fon had entered the enclosure to get one.

VIDEO : Drunk Thai man escapes with his life after being mauled by a bear

A monk at the temple Thanet Tikhayano said that the bear had never attacked anyone before this and said that Fon was drunk and when Jao Kaew smelt the alcohol she didn’t like it and attacked him.

The bear had been entrusted to its keeper “Aunty Aew” who fed and bathed her every day.

Fon suffered several puncture wounds during the course of the 15 minute bear hug.

It seems alcohol and bears do not mix

Source : Dailynews

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