A brazen male elephant had a hankering for durian and decided to raid a storeroom late on Sunday night causing property damage in the process estimated to cost 70,000 baht

The large elephant was caught on CCTV at 3am using its tusks to smash the wall of the Huai Sat Yai Agricultural Cooperation where it ate nearly 40 durian fruit and broke the air-con as well as the wall and door of the building.

Upon hearing the commotion workers attempted to drive the elephant away who just continued eating and only scarpered once it was full.

Elephant breaks into storeroom to devour Durian in midnight raid

The manager of the cooperative, Prasert Kanchanawanit said this was the second time in six days they had been raided by elephants and he believes the different elephants are working as part of a team, taking turns to raid the storehouse.

“It’s not the same elephant, they trade off who comes here.”

The cooperation is looking at implementing more preventative measures such as extra guards or alarms but they said they are realistic about their options.

Source : Khaosodenglish

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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