There was an unexpected guest at a Thai man’s funeral after his elephant decided to show up to pay his respects

A video posted online Monday shows the 20-year-old elephant approach the coffin of his former keeper kneel down and knock on the coffin with his trunk to say goodbye.

The elephant’s keeper Somjai Chuenprasaeng died suddenly when an out of control pick-up hit him outside of his home in Surat Thani.

VIDEO : Elephant turns up at a funeral to say goodbye to his former keeper

The elephant Plai Panom was not an intended guest at the funeral, usually kept five kilometres away in the jungle but when Somjai’s son went to check on him he was gone.

The elephant had ripped the post from the ground that was tied to and had vanished, Somjai’s son found him tangled up in trees a little way down the road.

Not sure what to do Pramote Chuenprasaeng, 43, decided to ride on the elephants back and take him to the family home.

VIDEO : Elephant turns up at a funeral to say goodbye to his former keeper

When they arrived at the house the funeral had begun and the elephant walked over to pay its respects to his former keeper of ten years.

The young man commented on how much his father cared for the elephant and has promised to keep him as that is what his father would have wanted.

Source : Coconuts

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