Following a recent incident where stray dogs attacked a car in Ratchaburi and after numerous complaints from local’s livestock officials with the aid of soldiers attempted to round up stray dogs in the downtown area.

The operation began at 10am yesterday in the Mueng district where sedatives were used to sedate the dogs to aid in their capture, however the operation only resulted in two dogs being captured.

VIDEO : Enough is Enough, Stray Dogs Rounded Up In Ratchaburi

Officials admitted it may take up to a week to catch all of the stray dogs in the area due to the large number of connecting streets making it easy for the dogs to avoid capture.

Residents complained to officials that the stray mutts can often be aggressive and have been known to chase motorcycles resulting in accidents of which two have been fatal.

An incident on Tuesday attracted media attention which may have prompted officials to act after Somnuek Semkham, 35, had her car badly damaged by stray dogs after she parked it in front of a boarding house.

Officials have stated that after dogs are captured they would be monitored in cages for one week before being taken to a shelter for stray dogs.

Source : Thenation

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