A well-known actor and DJ received a 1,000 baht fine on Monday (August 28) after he recorded himself driving at speeds of 200 km/h on an expressway.

And posting the illegal stunt on his Facebook fan page.

Saranyu Prachakrit, also known by the DJ name DJ Beam handed himself into the authorities at 11am.

VIDEO : Entertainer fined for driving at 200 km/h after posting on Facebook

The popular DJ owned up to breaking the speed limit when he drove on the Kanchanapisek expressway on route to Charansanitwong on Saturday night,

The clip of the man’s high seed antics showed him traveling at speeds up to 200 km/h as he drove through traffic.

Saranya claimed he wanted to test his cars new exhaust and show his fans by recording a video.

The clip was quickly posted on the Social Hunter Facebook page after internet citizens were not impressed by the celebrity’s reckless behaviour.

Source : Thenation

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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