A Chinese Restaurant in Bangkok has been caught by police serving meat of protected snakes and turtles. The restaurant Is known for serving exotic animal meats

Officers from the National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department, task force “Wild Hawk”, detained seven people who work at the restaurant which caters mainly to Chinese tourists, in the Wang Thong Lang area.

Upon entering the restaurant they noticed 2 dishes with cobra meat about to be served. A room behind the restaurant is where they butcher the animals.

VIDEO : Exotic Meats Restaurant Caught Out Serving Protected Snake

9 bottles containing snake heads was found after a further search. Also found was a body of a pangolin, 90 grams of pangolin scales, a yellow headed temple turtle, 21 soft shelled Thai turtles and 4 rat snakes; the Bangkok Post reported.

VIDEO : Exotic Meats Restaurant Caught Out Serving Protected Snake

Pangolin, turtles and rat snakes are all protected by law. Cobras aren’t protected but Thai law states that it is illegal to cage them. The taskforce assumes they were caged at the restaurant before being butchered.

Restaurant manager Chamu Sae-Yi, 66, and all six staff members from Myanmar are being held.

VIDEO : Exotic Meats Restaurant Caught Out Serving Protected Snake

The manager, Chamu, has been charged in regards to violations of the 1992 Wild Animal Reservation and Protections Act. If he’s found guilty he could receive a four-year prison sentence and/or a fine of up to THB40,000.

Even tho the staff members haven’t been charged yet, they are being detained and police are checking if they are allowed to work in Thailand legally.

Source : Matichon

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