Two men and a woman handed themselves in to Pattaya police late on Wednesday night to deny claims that they fired a gun whilst driving through the newly opened Pattaya tunnel after claims had been made on Facebook.

Nattawut Sa-ard, 26, and his two companions went to the Pattaya police station just after midnight on Wednesday after a clip posted on Nattawut’s Facebook page had generated a lot of strong criticism online.

The short video clip titled “fire in tunnel” showed the trio driving through the tunnel in Nattawut’s car which had been modified and there are three or four loud bangs that sound like gunfire during the clip.

VIDEO : Facebook poster denies firing gun in Patttaya Tunnel

Nattawut told officers the clip was recorded at 11pm on Saturday, stating that he and his companions did not fire a gun and the bangs heard were caused by his car backfiring after he deliberately caused them whilst driving through the tunnel.

He said that he would like to apologise for his prank which might have caused people to be alarmed.

VIDEO : Facebook poster denies firing gun in Patttaya Tunnel

Officers carried out a series of tests on the vehicle in question and determined that it was possible to intentionally make the car backfire.

The car has since been impounded while they conduct tests to try and find gunpowder residue and the owner has been charged for illegally modifying the vehicle.

Source : Thenation

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