A Buddhist organisation has contacted the makers of a street fighter style video game called “Fight of Gods” requesting they immediately stop sales of the game

Which includes depictions of gods from all over the world fighting each other.

In the game players can control depictions of Jesus, Buddha, Odin and Zeus among others having them duke it out in Tekken like battles.

"Fight of Gods" video game causing trouble in Thailand

A letter sent by the non-profit Knowing Buddha organisation asked the makers to withdraw the game to prevent disrespectful acts towards religious symbols and to raise humanity’s sense of self-respect.

Manat Chareekote of the Knowing Buddha Organisation said in the letter penned to the games makers Digital Craft, a Taiwanese based company that images of Buddha had been wrongfully used in the game, religious and historical images are meant to be respected.

VIDEO : "Fight of Gods" video game causing trouble in Thailand

Manat’s organisation has requested that Digital Craft stop selling the game in every country where it was being distributed.

In Malaysia the game also caused offense leading them to block the digital platform that the game was being distributed on.

Source : Thenation

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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